Precise Business Intelligence.

Strategic Content Distribution.

Effective Lead Generation.

That’s what it takes to convert high-valued business prospects into loyal clients. Having top-market clients could mean the difference between a successful business and a thriving business that exceeds all expectations.

Demand Gen that works

While your business success can rely on generic sales pitches for many of your smaller contracts, landing high-dollar key accounts requires precise B2B planning. In fact, for those accounts, the competition just to get a meeting with the key decision-makers can be like playing the lottery. Unlike the lottery, however, B2B marketing success can be influenced with the right strategic moves.

Our Solutions

At The Digital Funnel we implement technological marketing strategies such as account profiling, content syndication, B2B lead generation, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to increase B2B lead generation for your business.

One Stop Solution for all your Demand Gen needs

Our B2B lead generation services are custom designed for your marketing and sales needs. If you need industry data, we can find it. If you need B2B lead generation, we can build it. If you need content distribution, we can circulate it. Whatever your B2B demand generation needs, The Digital Funnel has you covered.

How we do it

Our strategies include:

Account Profiling

We gather your prospects’ information so that your sales team understands their needs and can design a strategy that attracts and converts them into clients. Armed with information, your sales team can skip the tedious research and lead generation process and dive directly into the deep end of the consumer relationship pool.

Content Syndication

Our team works diligently to expand your audience through content syndication. Our knowledgeable experts will identify the best third-party websites to reach your target audience for content republication, pitch the syndication offer, and create momentum through multiple syndication channels. This exposure not only increases your brand awareness by getting to a larger audience and boosting social shares, it also provides back links to your website.

Lead Generation

The Digital Funnel excels at lead generation services. Using several strategies including e-mail marketing, Google Ads, content distribution, social media campaigns, and much more, we build consumer interest and guide their journey through the sales funnel. Our techniques help to gather potential clients’ contact information. We then pass it on to your sales team, so they can nurture and convert those leads into high-value clients.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

With ABM, instead of marketing to individuals, The Digital Funnel's lead generation services identifies and targets high-value business accounts and markets to them directly to create a greater impact and higher ROI within an individual account. We gather the data needed to identify high yielding accounts and their decision-makers so that we can personalize a marketing strategy that appeals to them directly and publish your content where they will most likely see it.

Whether you need one or all our lead generation services, The Digital Funnel is here for you.

Whether you need one or all our lead generation services, The Digital Funnel is here for you. Get started with technology marketing today by talking to one of our expert agents. Let us design a B2B demand generation strategy that fits your leading-edge business.